Saturday, July 1, 2017

Manually Update Plex Server on FreeNAS

Original post for this appeared here.  This gentleman deserves the credit.  

This fellow offered the workaround.

I am merely compiling up to date information.

  • 1 - Connect to your FreeNAS Server via SSH or open the Shell via Web GUI

  • 2 - Type: jls and note the # of your Plex Media Server Jail

  • 3 - Type: jexec #jailnumber csh (for example: jexec 1 csh)

  • 4 - Goto turn on ‘Plex Pass Downloads’ and select ‘FreeBSD’ from the drop down

  • 5 - Copy the URL of the ‘DOWNLOAD 64-BIT’ button (right click button and copy URL)

  • 6 - Type: fetch -o PlexBuild.tar.bz2 {updated URL for new version goes here}

  • 7 - Type: chmod 755

  • 8 - Type: ./ -l PlexBuild.tar.bz2 -vv -a

  • 9 - Profit! You are on the newest version again.

Let me know if this is failing. I may have copied and pasted some stuff wrong.

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