Friday, June 7, 2013

Get CenterEdge Work Schedule into Google Calendar

CenterEdge Software has a nice feature to push work schedules to the web and in turn generate an iCal Feed.

There is a bug in Google's Calendar in which it does not like iCal feeds in https format.  (Secure HTTP)

Alas, there is a workaround!


1.  Get your iCal feed for your schedule.
2.  Shorten your iCal Link with
3.  Add "Other Calendar" by URL.
4.  Paste shortened link.
5.  Profit.


Get your iCal Feed

Log into your web account for your CenterEdge powered business.

(For Palace Pointe, goto and goto "Info and Directions."
Click "Employee Login.")

Right Click on "iCal Feed" and click "Copy Link Address"

Now that the iCal Feed is copied to your clipboard, goto to shorten your address.

Paste your iCal Feed into the box in the upper right hand corner.  The iCal Feed is REALLY long and full of random letters and numbers.
Click Shorten!  This will produce a very short, non-https address that Google Calendar will like.

Then click "COPY."  This will copy your shortened address to your clipboard for use with Google Calendar.
You can see the shortened address, versus your original iCal Feed address that is really long!

Now for the final steps.  Pull up your Google Calendar.

Click the small down arrow next to "Other Calendars"

Click "Add by URL" and the dialog box below will pop up.  Paste your shortened URL there.
Click "Add Calendar" and your work schedule will appear under "Other Calendars."

As you can see above, my work schedule is visible in Google Calendar.  My particular schedule says, "Palace Pointe Schedule" because that is where I work.  Actual schedule names may differ depending on where you are employed.

If you use another calendar such as Yahoo Calendar, you can just use the original long iCal Feed.  Yahoo doesn't seem to be persnickety about what kind of iCal Feed it is.

Now, your work schedule will automagically update on your calendar or phone (with Google Calendar) anytime there is a change.  Changes aren't always immediate.  It could take severals minutes to several hours for your calendar to update after a schedule change.

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