Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fix Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain USB Wireless 300N Range Extender

Apprently through searching the internets there is a huge problem with the HWREN1 Wireless Repeater. The problem is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Pretty broad.

I've searched about and the problem lies that the repeater does not auto-scan channels to connect to your main wireless router. In the intital setup, the HWREN1 scans for your router and sets the wireless channel accordingly. Here the problem lies that the HWREN1 assumes that the wireless channel will NEVER change. WRONG! 101% of wireless routers have auto-scanning features to scan for the most optimal channel, thus creating a constantly changing channel. do we fix the HWREN1?

1. Turn off auto-scanning on your router.
2. Pick a wireless channel on your router. I have read that 5 is a bad idea and many people chose 11. So I chose 11.
3. Log into your HWREN1 and change it's wireless channel to what your router's channel is. I changed my HWREN1 to 11...just like my router.
4. VIOLA! Problem solved.

Now, you should not have any problems with your HWREN1 losing connection or not getting an internet connection.


  1. You saved my bacon with this one bud. I'm a retired Sr. Network Engineer. This was my 2nd day trying to get the SOB to work in a Win 7/Cisco environment. Don't know how the average "Joe" would have got it done. Even after I knew the "fix" it meant, of course, beating up the router as well as the Range Extender. Thanks again.

    1. Glad to help. I worked my tail off trying to figure out how to make this work.

      And I just have basic home networking experience. :)

    2. just did the same trick to my new at&t uverse router and the Hawking is bumpin' just fine :) THANKS for the tip!

  2. I've had this problem since I upgraded to a Cox Cisco modem/router combo. I had Cox tech support walk me through changing the Cisco to channel 11. I reinstalled the Hawking HWREN1, but did not see a place to change the channel. How do I change the channel on the Hawking Extender? How do I log in to the HWREN1?

    1. You should probably do a factory reset on your hwren first.

      Then connect to it with a computer.

      Your defaults are:

      HWREN1 1 Default IP:
      HWREN1 1 Default Password:
      HWREN1 1 Default Username:

      I've long since gotten rid of my hwren1, but there is a spot in there somewhere to change it.

  3. Is there a firmware available instead? I would think you'd want your router to auto-scan for the most optimal channel

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  5. My 300N range extender is set up, but it is asking for a WPA2 password to get the wireless network to activate, which I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts on how to solve this?

  6. In case anyone needs the software....just click on the serial number that begins your hwren1 and choose download.